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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm Joining the Flat Tax Bandwagon

Bruce Bartlett at the National Review makes a compelling case in favor of the flat tax. He spells out many reasons why it works. For me personally, it boils down to fear. Why should I fear my government? Why should I have to worry about how my tax return is seen by the IRS. Although I would probably have to pay more taxes with a flat tax, I would rather go through it than the machinations necessary to keep the government from getting my money. The government did not create my money; therefore, it should not get first dibs on it. Using an index card to fill out my return sounds too good to be true.

I know many "progressives" see the progressively draconian tax code as fair. After all, why should someone making minimum wage have to pay the same tax as some making six figures? If someone is in the upper tax brackets, then he should pay a larger percentage of his wealth because he is rich.

Really, the debate boils down to class envy/warfare. "Progressives" are like the 20th century communists in that they see the world divided up along class lines. They view the world as a feudal place with the rich "lording" over everyone else. That is the reason I will always put that word in quotations. They yet to wake up to the realization that overcoming one's class is not about government interference and more about what is inside a person. Therefore, their whole position is flawed because they have a flawed foundation. A flat tax is for anyone wanting true fairness (actually a national sales tax is the fairest way, another debate later).

A person making six figures will find every means necessary to keep from giving the government any more money. He will not save it. He will find ways to spend it to alleviate some of his burden. By taking all of the stupid deductions out of the tax code, a person in the higher of the tax bracket will gladly pay more in tax because it less of a burden.

Unfortunately, the axis of evil (media, politicians, knuckleheads) will not allow this to happen. Ask Steve Forbes how a flat tax debate worked for him. Using class envy to divide and conquer will confirm their power over us. My question to "progressives" is this: if a former communist country can make a flat tax work, why can't we?