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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Emporess's New Clothes

The Great Lie put forth by the society is that "you can have it all." Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that is not true. This article by James Miller points out the problem of Modern Feminism. I think the point should be that men do not care, necessarily, about whether or not a woman is willing to give up her career to raise children. The point is that men do not want to have to compete in the workplace and compete at home. The message given about feminism is that women can do anything a man can do. That is true. But, so what? Does a woman really think a man (or woman) wants to marry another person just as driven as himself (herself)? No. There is no room in a marriage for two over-achievers, who work 50+ hours a week, and children. Children demand too much time and effort to raise while climbing the professional ladder.

In my peer group, many women give up their careers to marry and raise children. With children's activities taking up so much of one's time, running kids from one activity to another can be a full-time job. These women sacrificed their careers to raise human beings. In my opinion, many believe that children complete the ensemble, yet never realize the demands that raising a child is all about.

That is the great lie about feminism. No one disputes that men and women are equal in many ways. Unfortunately, modern day feminism does not address the fact that overachieving women have to either marry someone in a lower economic bracket, quit their job, have a surrogate parent raise their children, or not have kids. I guess they have not matured to the realization that, in life, you cannot have it all.