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Monday, January 10, 2005

Burn Out

In one of my favorite movies, the antagonist yells, "it's better to burn out than to fade away!"

Well, I am beginning to feel the burn out. I think it all started with the election. The 2 major parties totally killed any other challengers. Libertarians? It seems that almost more people show up at a football game than vote libertarian. Conservatives? I have not seen any. It seems that it is more of the same.

The holidays were a major drain. Not because of the rushing around trying to finish everything, but because of the time I had off from work. I had two 4 day weekends in a row. I haven't had that much time off in a decade. I LOVED IT! The day I went back to work was the worst day I have had in along time.

Tsunami relief is now the topic du jour. I want to donate and help out. It is my Christian duty. But, I do not want to willy-nilly give to any organization. After looking at Charity Watch, I see that the none of the Red Cross organizations are got an "A" or "B" rating. The top was Americares. Food for thought. Alas, it is hard to get fired up about giving money to people, who totally dislike us. As this photo shows.

I will probably donate through UMCOR. On the political hand, I am not naive enough to believe the massive outpouring (I'm sure Americans will lead the charge, again) of monetary support will be unbelievable. It will not change anything. We will continue to be the Great Satan. Using us as the whipping boy helps keep despotic regimes in power. Sigh.

Update: Sorry, I wanted to keep the picture large to see it better. Unfortunately, it moved all of my links to the bottom.