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Friday, June 03, 2005

I Weep for the Future

In my peer group there are a lot of children that are, well, little shits. The parents have no concept of discipline. They seem to want to be their children's friends. I cannot stand to be with their children for more than 10 minutes. This article at Salon.com by Neal Pollock gives a good example of today's child rearing. Mr. Pollock's child has been expelled from preschool for bad behaviour, especially biting. The parents, for the most part, work out of their house.
Except for the few hours a week when she teaches a class at the local community college, my wife and I both work at home. The house is small. I write in a corner of the living room, and Regina, when she can, goes to paint in the garage. Even if we hired an inexperienced nanny on the cheap, the kid would still be underfoot most of the day, screeching. We're in a strangely common situation: If we don't put our kid in preschool, we can't afford to send him to preschool.

Freakin' waaaah! Look, either have kids and make them your priority or don't. I'm sorry, but despite the tripe put forth by pop culture, you cannot have it both ways. Oh yeah, you can try, but you end up getting an Elijah: a demon-child that no sane person wants to be around. As I read the article, the couple wants a child, but someone else to raise it. It does not work that way. How selfish can a couple get? They even want the state to get involved:
The Yale study recommends that states prohibit pre-K expulsion, develop clear policies for dealing with children with behavorial problems, and require training for all preschool teachers to deal with these problems.

WTF? The state should require all of this. People are complaining about the cost of daycare now. Just add more expensive training and more teachers.

The responsibility of a child's actions lie with the parents. Period. If my child came home with bite marks (like Sophia in the article), I would be going after the school, the boy, and the especially the parents. Elijah does not get a pass just because his parents bought into the "touch-feely" method of child raising.


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