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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Whom to Vote For?

This whole election cycle I have grappled with whom to vote for. Should it be John Kerry? George Bush? A relatively unknown third party? In elections past it seemed I was voting against someone rather than for him. I voted for Clinton, because I could not fathom a Bob Dole presidency. I voted for Bush, because I could not stand Al Gore. This year might have come down to the same thing. But, I had an epiphany. After much thought and consternation, I voted for Michael Badnarik.

Some in the "blogosphere" have called him a raving moonbat (here, here, and here). He claims to not have paid income taxes for nearly a decade; he does not use zip codes; etc. I voted for him because he was not Bush and he certainly was not Kerry. I think a large number of people are going to vote for Kerry not because they like him or his ideas, but because they cannot stand Bush. I totally sympathize. That is the reason I voted for Bush in '00. I could not bring myself to vote for Gore. Although Bush did not energize me, I voted for him (or rather against Gore). Faced with the same internal debate, I was left with two choices: vote for Bush or vote for Kerry (thereby voting against Bush).

The "out" was voting for the Libertarian party. I still voted against Bush. I voted for a group that shares many of my ideals (but not all by any means). The main reason was to let the GOP know (in my small fashion) that I do not approve. I cannot approve of a party that would be considered left of the Democrats just 30 years ago. Bush is the present day LBJ, so I guess I have joined the coalition of moonbats. I voted for them. I know in my heart of hearts that a Libertarian will never get elected. I hope the Republicans will understand why they have lost my vote (and millions of others). We would rather vote for one of the major parties (after all, we want to be on the winning side), but we could bring ourselves to vote them.

Therefore, I used my one, lonely, little vote to try to send a message to the Republicans to start moving more to the right. The Democrats? Well...there's a part of moonbats!