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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dan Blather

By now everyone has heard about the memos supposedly written by George Bush's National Guard commander. CBS has done a huge special on the memos. Unfortunately, the memos were written about 15 years before Microsoft Word was around. So, we are left with the possibility of either sloppy reporting or out and out bias.

We all know the major media outlets are biased. I am not just talking about left-leaning journalists, but also biased against ideas that do not fit into their world view. A few examples are the flat tax debate, aviation security, SUVs, global warming, etc. It seems that modern day journalists are not very bright and cannot do research for a story.

For me, I have stopped watching nearly all TV and reading newspapers. I still listen to the radio for local stuff, but for national news I get it from the internet. The problem for major media is their audience. Most of them are of the baby boom generation and older. Gen-Xers and younger get their news from other sources.

That is why reading other blogs on the Blather's journalist expertise is amusing. Anyone who is not a card carrying member of the socialist party recognized the media bias a long time ago.