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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Comparing the Two Parties

Ok, vacation is now over.

During this exciting (?) political season, I thought I would try to look at each candidate's platform and see how it meshes with my own philosophies. I thought of this exercise as a way to determine the best candidate and cut through the rhetoric. Let's get started:

Kerry promises to create 10 million jobs by changing the tax code.
Bush promises to create 2.1 million jobs by changing the tax code.
Both want to use the tax code to create jobs by increasing domestic investment.
Score: Bush 1 Kerry 0
My assessment: Neither excites me very much. I think Bush's numbers are a little more realistic than Kerry's. Therefore, I have to agree with Bush.

Kerry promises to roll back the tax cut for the rich (which are never defined) to spur healthcare and education spending.
Bush wants to speed up the tax cuts to speed up the economy.
Score: Bush 2 Kerry 0
My assessment: Nearly everyone agrees that cutting taxes is the best way to encourage consumer spending. Our economy is based on consumer spending and consumer lending. Increasing taxes on those who pay them is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

Kerry wants to spend more on "first defenders." He uses a poll by the nation's mayors that say
(a) study last fall by the U.S. Conference of Mayors showed 90 percent of cities had not received their share of $1.5 billion allocated by the nation's largest homeland security funding program. Moreover, an informal poll in 43 states recently showed that a third of counties nationwide still have not seen any federal funding for first responders, said Larry Naake, executive director of the National Association of Counties." [Associated Press, 2/12/04].

Bush created the Homeland Defense Agency. A cabinet level post which is responsible for homeland defense. He has provided
$7.8 billion in grants between 2002 and 2003 to help state and local responders and emergency managers prepare for terrorist attacks.

Score: Bush 2 Kerry 0
My assessment: Both want to be tough on protecting the nation from another attack. My common sense tells me that this is impossible. In a free society, we will always have a risk of attack. The only way to stop this is to make our society less free. All of this talk of protecting each individual gives the me the feeling of a chicken running around with its head cut off. Therefore, neither gets any points.

Well, each candidate wants to throw money at the problem. Kerry just says the No Child Left Behind Act is bad he would change it and spend more money. Bush says the Act is good and see how much money we have spent to prove it.
Score: Bush 2 Kerry 0
My assessment: I cannot give either any points. I really do not see much difference. Kerry makes a good point by saying there should be more discipline in schools, but ruins it by wanting to throw money at the problem. Bush wants to make the schools perform better on tests and wants to throw money at the problem. Again, neither gets any points.

Social Security-
Kerry has no statement.
Bush wants to take the social security funds out of the general fund. He is in favor of personal retirement accounts and allowing the person to decide. He against another tax increase.
Score: Bush 3 Kerry 0
My assessment: I totally agree with Bush. As I have blogged, the well will run dry unless something is done. Raising taxes is not a long term solution.

Foreign Policy (or National Defense)-
Kerry wants to improve intelligence faculties, improve port defense and ensure fairness to veterans.
Bush wants to
defend the peace by opposing and preventing violence by terrorists and outlaw regimes.
We will preserve the peace by fostering an era of good relations among the world's great powers.
And we will extend the peace by seeking to extend the benefits of freedom and prosperity across the globe.

Score: Bush 3 Kerry 0
My assessment: I want a president, who talks softly but carries a big stick. I do not want someone concerned about world opinion. The president does not answer to the UN or France; he/she answers to me.

Well, I do not think I will be voting for Kerry under any circumstance. I cannot vote for someone promising to raise taxes on any segment of the population. Taxation is a loss freedom. The more taxes the less freedom. I cannot vote for someone, who wants to be friendly to the world. The world hates us. That is a good thing. It means we are doing something right. Lastly, I trust Bush. I do not agree with all of his policies (he scored 3 out a possible 6), but I feel that he is honest (as politicians go). I do not get that feeling with Kerry.

Next time: Bush versus Badnarik (for those of you who do not know we have more than two parties).