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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A Subject I've Always Wondered About

As a Christian in America, I have always wondered why Jews are typically liberal (even Leftist). How can someone, who believes in God, buy into the philosophy that any religion and philosophy is the same. In reading the Old Testament, the Hebrews have always set themselves apart from the rest of the world and went the way God told them. When the Hebrews did not, they paid the price (Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, etc.). I have never been able to understand how a religious people could be counted among people lacking a moral compass.

In my opinion, the Left in this country has lost any sense of right and wrong. Somehow, they are trapped in the "feel good sixties." If something feels good, it must be right. As a Christian and as a Conservative (Rightist), I believe there are absolutes: right and wrong. The War on Terror is a war of good versus evil. Those fighting against us are aligned with the powers of darkness and death. We have not done anything to provoke them. We did not attack their cities and kill thousands of their citizens. We have spent blood and treasure defending them (see Bosnia). Yet, Jihadists (Islamofascists, whatever) are attempting to hijack the Islamic faith. Unfortunately, I see no Muslims vocally denouncing them. In this country we have those on the left saying we are the bad guys and this not a war of good versus evil. Wrong!

This brings me to my point. Israel has been fighting this war for decades. As a lone outpost in a sea of hostility, she alone as been the bulwark of what is right. The UN and most of the world has been actively against her. Only the United States has consistently been her friend. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons given for the Muslim world's animosity towards us is our siding with Israel.Ben Shapiro offers a wake up call to his fellow Jews. If the light of the US is allowed to be snuffed out, where will the good in the world turn? France? Germany? These countries are hardly bastions of what is right and wrong. Their history of hating all things Jewish is not too shiny. Of all the countries in the world, the US is the least anti-semitic.

I wish someone would take the time to explain this phenomenon to me.