Midnight Rantings

Tired rantings in a tired world.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Rising oil prices are the big concern d'jour. The attack in Saudi Arabia only confirms our need to find a more secure producer. It seems al Qaida wants the price of oil to go up. In this purported statement from that group, the attack will help stave off the "the tyrants" who "plunder the wealth of Muslims." I would say that is very short sighted. For an organization that patiently trained and waited to attack us on 9/11, I expected more. Decreasing supply of oil will have many more drawbacks to the Muslim world:

1. Technological advances will produce systems to take the place of oil. These include nuclear and coal for electricity and fuel cells, etc. for transportation.
2. Other countries (ie. non-Muslim) countries will gain in selling more oil than the less secure Muslim countries.
3. If supplies become scarce enough, war could erupt. This country must have energy to survive.

We are already seeing number 2. Russia is poised to become the 800 pound gorilla in oil exportation.

If the Muslim world continues to coddle animals, the eventual loser will be themselves. As the rest of the world marches on and becomes more prosperous, the Muslim world (specifically the Middle East) will remain stuck in the 14th century.