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Friday, May 28, 2004

Has Bill Cosby Become a Rascist?

By now many on the web have heard about the comments Bill Cosby made at an engagement celebrating Brown v. Board of Education. After reading this article, I see what all of the hubbub is about. We read about the problems with Afrincan-American society. We hear him rant about the loss of positive leadership. If a white person had said it, he would have immediately be branded a rascist. The fact that Bill Cosby, who is black, said it makes it more telling.

Eugene Kane: "Given his record as a philanthropist who had donated millions to black colleges and black causes in general, Cosby has certainly earned the right to speak his mind." He continued, "Still, there's a sense of uneasiness whenever somebody like Cosby uses the same language some whites use to justify their racism....Particularly, the idea that poor blacks and their children weigh down the rest of society, or that every black person behind bars deserves to be incarcerated. Sure, some blacks may fit that description, not all. Some white people, too."

Coming from Bill Cosby makes these cristiscms more important. How can the "leaders" demogogue him? Unfortunately, nothing will happen. When most Americans have trouble knowing anything which is not on Entertainment Tonight, why would this weighty issue be discussed?