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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Educational ineptitude?

Walter Williamswrites about teacher ineptitude. Citing SAT scores for education majors, he posits that education majors tend to be the bottom of the barrel, academically. Although the teachers in my family tend to be bright, articulate and enjoy teaching, I saw first hand what Williams is talking about. While in college, the folks getting education degrees were the ones at the bars and generally having a good time, whereas, those in the hard sciences were not. However, getting smarter teachers does not necessarily mean getting better teachers. The best teachers (like doctors and ministers) are the ones who have a calling. In my educational career, the best instructors were not necessarily the smartest. Intelligence, like other areas of life, has less to do with it. The problems in our public education are many. Teacher intelligence, in my opinion, has less to do with it than parental apathy, loss of discipline and lower expectations. Until the leftist mind set of no culpability is taken out of public schools, there will be no improvement.

Left Guilt

Read this. Interesting view of the differences between liberal and conservative. I will say that those, who are middle class, are more conservative than those of upper class. Therefore, guilt does seem to be a driving force.


Read this to see some good news out of Iraq. The doom and gloom spouted by our media is becoming too much. I am tired of it. Things are never as bad as they claim, and they wonder why they are losing viewership.