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Monday, May 17, 2004

Sounding the Marriage Death Knell?

With all of the hoopla over gay marriage this should be more cause for alarm. Traditional marriage has been on the ropes for decades. Homosexuals wanting to get married have not destroyed marriage; heterosexuals did. One out of two marriages end in divorce. How about this: (i)n 1980, 77 percent of all children under 18 lived with two parents; 73 percent did in 1990 and 69 percent did by 2000? As I get older, I realize these statistics have some basis in reality. When I count up the people in my peer group in a conservative part of the country (East Tennessee), I see these statistics born out.

The issue I have is with the conservatives wringing their hands. Marriage has been nearly destroyed in this country and now they care?!? Married couples are taxed more, have less benefits and somehow are supposed to keep taking it on the chin. With all of the societal changes, marriages will continue to evolve. Listening to those on the right, it seems a little like chicken little. Conservatives: the sky has already fallen.

What does that mean about gay marriage? Personally, I think we are going about it wrong. If the people want gay marriage, then ok. I have stated my feelings on the issue. As I have blogged here, the process will sort itself out. I do not like is judicial activism. These justices are not elected nor are they accountable to anyone. Unfortunately, the whole thing will have to be decided by the SCOTUS. I am no legal scholar, but how can a couple be married one state and not in another? We will not adding any amendments to the Constitution anytime soon. The country is too evenly divided (see red states vs blue states or look at the US Senate). Could this be a form of "divide and conquer?"