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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Negotiation is Out of the Question

The horrible reality of the Middle East should be starkly evident. With the beheading of Nick Berg by Islamofascists should serve as a wake up call for renewed effort. We simply cannot lose this war.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the family. To lose a loved one in such a manner is a terrible thing to go through. Unfortunately, Nick Berg's family seems to be blaming the US for their son's murder. This headline:Pa. family angry with American government over son's brutal death. I do not understand how they can blame the government for their son's death. Did we hand him over to the Islamofascists? Are those Americans in the photo? I seriously doubt it. Ahh, this quote:
Michael Berg described himself as fervently anti-war, but said his son disagreed with him.
"He was a Bush supporter," Berg said. "He looked at it as bringing democracy to a country that didn't have it."
I hope the family is not using this for political gain.

As for the murders using the abuse at Iraqi prison, what a crock. Those people have hated us since the '80s. They are cousins to the suicide bombers at the Marine barracks. Does anyone, without an agenda, really believe they are that angry about Iraqi prisoner abuse?