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Friday, May 07, 2004

Isn't She Supposed to Know?

Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinksi said the Army is trying to make her the scapegoat. "I am confident we did and have done everything possible in an earnest effort to do the right things," she wrote Bryant in the March 31 e-mail. "Some things are simply out of my control. We do not always have the advantage of knowing the real objective so we have to trust there are others who will do the right things." Out of my control?!? A general officer has no control over her troops? She should be sacked. With the brouhaha over whether or not Rumsfeld should resign, we have a general officer with out of control troops. If anyone should resign, she should. From my perspective, her unit seems to be poorly led and poorly trained. She seems totally unable to command. Is this a case of promoting to the highest level of incompetence?

Brigadier Karpinski will be given a slap on the wrist compared to the NCOs under her. Her career is, effectively, over. Not many officers survive being relieved of their command. Grant did it, Patton did it. I doubt Karpinksi will do it. There is too much of a firestorm, too much screeching, justifiably so. She will not see any jail time, but she will not survive intact. Being called a "scapegoat" is an insult to the hard-working, dedicated military personnel, who know better than to abuse prisoners, especially when we are trying to win hearts and minds. Her unit has done more to set us back than any Fallujah. By turning a blind eye to the goings on, she gave tacit approval. Tacitus offered to disband the unit. I would have to agree. They have dishonored us all.