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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Debate is Over

The United Methodist Church (UMC)rejected acknowledging any disagreement on homosexuality. By rejecting the statement "We recognize that Christians disagree on the compatibility of homosexual practice with Christian teaching," the UMC stopped any attempt at becoming like the Episcopalians. As I wrote before, allowing homosexual pastors in churches is a slippery slope. Yes, Jesus Christ came to teach about the God of love and taught us that we must our neighbor. By not allowing homosexual pastors, the UMC is not saying homosexuals should not be loved. We are simply saying that we love the sinner and hate the sin. No homosexual would be asked to leave a UMC church.

Some Christian denominations will outright say that homosexuals have no place in God's kingdom. I do believe homosexuals are loved by God and are a part of God's creation. However, living in sin is still sin. Although Jesus hung around with disreputable people, he still wanted them to stop their sinful ways. That is why gay pastors and church leaders are wrong. Pastors have an awesome responsibility. They are the shepherd of the flock. They are there to tend God's people. Any pastor that causes one to lose sight of God has committed a mighty sin.

Ok...Ok He says it Better

Joseph Farah makes an excellent point about scrapping the whole Social Security charade. It is time for someone to look behind the curtain and see it for what it really is: terribly unjust. I urge anyone 40 and younger to seriously read the article and ask yourself what can I do? I do not know, yet. I am not totally ready to break from the Republican Party, but I am getting closer and closer.

Conservatives do not believe that government is evil. Conservatives believe that too much government is evil and counterproductive. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is becoming more worried about getting and maintaining power, rather living up to its ideals. Frankly, I am becoming disgusted with the GOP.

What am I to do? Although I am not registered as anything, I tend to vote Republican. There is no way I can vote for the Democrats. Although they were the voice of the middle class, they have moved to embrace extremists and cannot be trusted. Should I vote Libertarian?

Many of the Libertarian tenets sound very appealing. I do think the government has become a force against the people. Power has become too centralized. Taxes have become too onerous. Intervention and nannying has become too much. But, I still believe a limited government can be a force to help everyone. I do think the government has done some things that the private sector would never have invested in.

As the election draws near and the rhetoric becomes more shrill, I will have to make some tough decisions. I can no longer vote for the "lesser of the two evils." I can no longer vote for evil.

Sudan is now an Expert on Human Rights

The UN in its infinite wisdom has elected Sudan to its Human Rights Council according to this article from Reuters. Isn't Sudan responsible ethnic and religous clensing? How can anyone with a straight face accept Sudan as a full member of this council? The money quote:
Sudan's deputy U.N. ambassador, Omar Bashir Mohamed Manis, said the United States had no right to accuse anyone of human rights violations, after allegations of abuses in Iraq including mistreatment of Iraqis held in U.S.-run prisons
Images of the Iraqi prisoners "are fresh in the minds of all justice-loving people around the world," he said.

I guess the fact that several heads will role is not important. Although grossly inhumane, the Iraqis were enemy combatants and not civilians. The US did not target an ethnic group or a religion. We did not kill over 10,000 people and displace millions just because they are the wrong color or religion.

The UN continues to make itself irrelevant to the world. For those wanting a one world government, this is the product of your wishes. When will the United States wake up to the fact the UN is the most vile, evil force on the planet? The UN has no moral or legal authority over anyone. Why do we even send delagates?