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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I Now Agree with a "Talking Head"

Koppel Says News, Entertainment a Dangerous Mix. I totally agree. The morning shows are the worst. I cannot watch any of them. Although I like Fox the best, because it is more news driven, it still tends to get under my skin. The other alphabet soups could dry up and blow away, and I would not miss them. Apparently, many of my generation agree. I watched the Dateline program mentioned (not my choice). How can I take these "journalists" seriously, when much of what they do is commercially driven (see 60 Minutes and Richard Clarke)?

Another Reason to Get Out of the UN

ABCNEWS.com : U.N. Officials Bribed by Saddam? Say it ain't so, Joe. The United Nations is investigating the vaunted "oil for food" program. It seems people in high places were taking bribes to keep the oil flowing to the proper people. When are we going to wake up and get out of the UN? What will it take? The UN did not want us to invade Iraq, despite flaunting numerous resolutions; the UN appoints countries with terrible human rights records to human rights committees; the UN is staunchly anti-Israel; and the UN is, I believe, actively working to form a one world government. The UN is at best ineffectual. At worst it is inept. The UN has not done anything to foster world peace. As I have said before, it is time to politely ask the UN to leave (here).