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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Iraq is not Viet Nam!

A mini-Tet offensive in Iraq? No. Ted Kennedy said that Iraq was Bush's Viet Nam. Any rational comparison fails miserabily. Kennedy uses the current unrest to paint it as the same as the Tet Offensive.

Tet was only a victory due to the anti-war movement's ability to paint it so. The media, with its usual left bent, told the country the war was lost. Just like the Battle of the Bulge, the Tet Offensive nearly destroyed the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. Both took huge casualties. The VC disapeared as a fighting force. Due to the liberal media (it does exist), we were told the US had lost Viet Nam. This was in no way the truth.

We need to ignore the anti-war crowd and turn off the media. Maybe Kennedy is off of the sauce and having a "problem."

What are They Thinking?

Houston may promote failing kids to cut dropouts. Oh yeah, this will help them earn their education. I'll bet this is more to do with tax dollars than students' education. Each student counted present is money for that school. Therefore, the more bodies the more money. I would not send my kids to any school that advocated this. These kids should not be in school. They will be a drain and a distraction from the kids trying to become educated.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been "blogging" less. Things are real hectic for me right now. As everyone knows, jobs, kids, etc. can make things interesting. As things come up, I will still be there.

Blogroll note: Tacitus has changed to another address. The link has been updated. One has to register to post comments to his site. I believe there was a feud between him and LGF. LGF tends to be very militant and some have said anti-Islam. I may be taking it off my blogroll. I have not been keeping up with LGF, but I had noticed a certain "snarkiness" about it. I keep the site because it tended to be amusing in a scary way.