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Monday, March 29, 2004

Can We Go the Distance?

Victory is the main object in war. If this is long delayed, weapons are blunted and morale depressed. When troops attack cities, their strength will be exhausted.

Sun Tzu The Art of War

We are at war. Although we have not had a formal declaration, we are at war. When our troops are in other cities, we are at war. When our troops are "boots on the ground" in hostile territory, we are at war. When we have troops being wounded and killed, we are at war. We did not ask for this war. By and large we are peaceful nation. We may not be perfect, but we prefer to trade with you than to fight with you. I personally subscribe to the Jacksonian tradition of fighting to win. To utter defeat your enemy, so he cannot wage war again.

Are we capable of doing that now? Can we come together and defeat a common evil: Islamofascim? Let us define Islamofascism. Christopher Hitchens is purported to have coined the phrase. I believe it is a combination of two words: Islam and fascism. First, Islam is the religion that believes in the one God, Heaven and Hell. Sounds eerily similar to Christianity and Judaism. Each believes in the same God. Judaism had many prophets in its millennia. Christianity had the Messiah. All are related, yet different. Second, fascism is a form of government headed by a strong central government and led by strong socioeconomic control. Sounds a lot like communism and socialism. All three disregard the individual in favor of the state.

Therefore an Islamofascist believes the state should control everyone in the tenets of the teachings of Mohammed. All citizens of the state would become Moslem. There is no individual choice, no choosing how to worship God, or even how to dress (see Afghanistan's Taliban). Everything these people want is in direct contrast with our system of government and society. Like all forms of fascism, Islamofascism is evil.

Therefore, I find myself incredulous that the Left in this country would rather treat the enemy as a criminal instead of the enemy. Sure islamofasicts have broken the law, but Hitler did too. How can the Left really be against fighting islamofascists, when they purportedly want a liberal society? With a Talibanesque government, freedom of choice, feminism, death penalty, "right" of education, etc. becomes a moot point. How can the Left side with these people? Are they that much of a political hack?

I will grant that during WWII, the Republicans wanted to remain neutral. They felt the war was Europe's problem. We should stay neutral. After all, our Founding Fathers advised us to trade with Europe but stay out its affairs. However, after December 7th all of that died away. How is it that FDR was able to remain President as long as he did? It was wartime. The country came together and pulled and fought against the common enemy, which ironically was fascism.

Today we have political infighting and posturing. The Richard Clarke debacle, the WMD debacle, etc. is used to discredit this administration. I do not agree with this administration's domestic policies, but I have not seen any better alternatives to the war on terror. If a quick victory was all the American people could stand, then FDR would have been out after Baton and the Philippines. Lincoln lost the first half of the War of Seccession. No, the American people are more patient than that.

Maybe the Left really believes that war is so terrible that it should never be fought. Although I have never seen combat, I am not so naive to believe that it is anything but terrible. However, we were attacked not just on 9/11 but also the USS Cole and the the WTC in 1993. We have been more than patient. We have given peace a chance. This has done nothing except embolden our enemy. The Left needs to understand that the American people want a Commander in Chief that will fight a war when necessary. The American people do not want an investigation. We want blood. We want victory. Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.

To see what the power of the Left during a time of war, one has to look no farther than Viet Nam. How could we have possibly lost that war? We probably inflicted 10 times the casualties on the enemy. Vo Nguyen Giap, General of North Viet Nam, is said have claimed that anti-war protests did more to his victory than any battle. That is the power of the Left. The majority of the American people wanted to stop communism. They correctly believed communism to be evil. However, the Left with possible communist ties delayed the victory and ultimately cost us the war. The after effects are still being felt.

It is time for the Left to either "lead, follow or get out of the way." John Kerry's anti-terrorist plan is no better than what was in place pre-9/11. More firefighters and policeman are great. They will help clean up the mess after the next terrorist strike. Unfortunately, they will do little to prevent another attack nor to utterly destroy our enemies.

Hence what is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations. And therefore the general who understands war is the Minister of the people's fate and arbiter of the nation's destiny.

Sun-Tzu The Art of War