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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Fluffy-Bunny Religion

Dammann verdict is in. The jury decided that Karen Dammann did not break any church laws. She is an avowed lesbian and is living with her "partner." The statement by the jury spokesman:
We searched the Discipline and did not find a declaration that 'the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teachings,' the statement read. Although the jurors found passages containing the "incompatible..." phrasing, they said they "did not find that any of them constitute a declaration" that homosexuality is a chargeable offense. Let me get this straight. The Old and New Testaments talk about homosexuality as an "abomination," yet the United Methodist Church (UMC)'s book of Discipline says nothing about it. What about this section?

What someone does in his or her home does not concern me, and I do not care. However, clergy have to be able to at least try to follow the Bible's teachings. We are all sinners. We should all love one another, but to let someone continue sinning and to let them be in a position of authority is wrong. I do not want the same problems as the Roman Catholic Church. In the 60s the Roman Catholic Church liberalized many of its tenets. One of the side effects was allowing homosexual priests. We are seeing the legacy of that today. Much of the abuse being done by the clergy was done decades ago and is now seeing the light of day. Will we see this in the UMC decades from now? I pray we do not.

Fluffy-bunny religion will not get us anywhere. Christians are called to be in the world but not of the world. This means we do not care what the social mores of the day are. We are to be aiming for Heaven not caring about being politically correct. I think the jury in its mis-guided attempt at showing Christian love missed the point. Yes, we are called to love our neighbor. That does not mean we are to be his friend, nor have that person in a leadership position. The jury has let their personal feelings intercede with biblical teachings. Choir member Charlie McKinney said Dammann had taught the congregation about the power of truth. "She did a courageous thing and a difficult thing," McKinney said. "She did this as a way to pull bricks from the age-old wall of prejudice, fear and exclusion." Prejudice, fear and exclusion? The Bible now teaches prejudice, fear and exclusion? Either one is a Christian and believes the Bible is the word of God, or one does not believe the Bible is the word of God and therefore not a Christian. We can debate certain passages of the Bible all day. There is no ambiguity on this topic.

The General Conference is April 27. This subject will be brought up and discussed. I hope the church leaders will make the correct decision. We may already be witnessing the Episcopal schism. If this is allowed to stand, we may witness the Methodist schism.

Thanks to Jack Rich for bringing this to our attention.