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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The New Prohibition

First, I am totally against kids smoking. I beleive that tobacco, like anything else, used too much is harmful. However,this new ordinance in Orlando is a little shocking. A $500 fine for smoking in front of children?!? As it stands right now, one is still allowed to smoke in one's home. How can this alw be enforced? Should not the police be more concerned with catching bad guys rather than worrying about someone lighting up? Does anyone think that "underage" smoking will magically disappear because of a new law? I guess the drug war is working because of the laws. When will we stop electing these "do-good" politicians? Just another infringement on someone's rights.

New Link

To the left is a new link to John Lott's Blog. Some may know him, because of his work debunking the anti-gun voice. I urge you to check it out.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense?

According to this statement about John Kerry's philosophy on the War on Terror is telling. He feels that we should not be on the offensive but on the defensive. We should be spend our resources preparing for a terrorist attack rather than going after terrorists. Let us take that to the extreme: if we had followed this rational, 9-11 would have still occurred, the bombing in Madrid would still have occurred. By being reactive instead of proactive, we will be doomed to letting events shape us rather than the reverse.

Some may argue whether we are actually at war. Although a formal declaration has not been done, we are, most assuredly, at war. When people are being bombed and buildings blown up, we are at war. George Bush may not being waging the war in a manner that I would necessarily agree with, but he does at least see that we are at war. This is not some police investigation. We can no longer allow others to define our response; we must attack them.

It has been said that a good defense is a good offense. John Kerry needs to get a clue, or he will look like Jimmy Carter.