Midnight Rantings

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Frog and the Boiling Water

Are we living in a free country? This article makes me wonder. The military has no business in domestic intelligence gathering. The military is there to kill people and break things. That is it. If we have a need to gather domestic intelligence, is not that the reason for the existence of the FBI, DEA, Secret Service and the rest of the alphabet soup? The idea of the military being active in this country is more than a little disquieting. Army intel officers rushing around gathering information sounds a little too much like the Gestapo. Having neighbors spy on their neighbors sounds a little too much like 1984.

Are we witnessing an erosion in our rights? Remember, rights are not granted by the government. All the government can do is trample rights. My fear is the gradual loss of these rights. If the government suddenly took away our rights, there would be justifiable rioting in the streets. By incrementally taking away citizen's rights, by the time the citizenry notices it will be too late. Instead of fighting against Christianity and saving NAMBLA, the ACLU might want to work in actually saving civil liberties. We no longer are safe in our papers and our persons. We no longer have the freedom of speech, because our President signed a bill although he thought it had serious constitutional concerns. With military tribunals, we no longer have the right to a speedy and public trial and face one's accusers. The Constitution has become dated. We are no longer enjoying the rights and freedoms in it. I do not believe we will be any safer against terrorism by making this country a police state. Instead of terrorists without we will have to worry about terrorists within.

But, maybe it is time for a revolution. Maybe the people need to turn off the TV and get involved. When a large segment of the population chooses to not vote or chooses to vote for someone because of party affiliation, we are on a road to nowhere. Am I advocating rebellion or sedition? No. Not yet. It is time for the American people to take back their country before we lose it altogether. The choice is ours: gradual loss or sudden. Without intervention the end result will be the same.