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Friday, March 05, 2004

Babs: Get Over Yourself

Babs likes to tell everyone to not drive SUVs, save the whales, etc. but when it comes to her own backyard forget about it! The hypocrosy stinks. Why does anyone take her seriously? Better question: does anyone take her seriously?

Greed is Good?

This is not good news for the diva of good living. Martha Stewart made millions feel insignificant and that is the key to her downfall. A trade of ~$280,000 is a terrible reason for going to prison, especially when one is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It seems the act of lying was worse than the act of insider trading. That is the terrible thing about her action.

We all have the same problem of "it is never enough." We always want more. Well, coveting and wanting more led to Stewart's downfall. A bad decision has cost her plenty and will be costing her plenty. Her reputation is what put her where she is. By ruining that, she has lost credibility. Her going to prison will not be as devastating as her losing credibility.

How sad is the person never happy with what he/she has.