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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Liberal Talk Radio

The new face of radio is going to be a reality. The Left has been threatening to start a talk radio show. Well, they have gone and done it with Air America.

Personally, I wish them "Godspeed." I think there is a niche market for it. The more voices in a debate the better it is. Hopefully, the folks on the radio will engage in debate and not name calling and personal destruction. I will not hold my breath. Quiet debate will not hook listeners nor energize the base.

Large urban centers will support them, but smaller cities and more rural area will not. The "Blue States" will help them stay on the air. If left-leaning radio worked, then NPR would be a raving success. However, what the Left always fails to understand is that most of America is neither Left nor Right. For most Americans it depends on the issue.

Also, the irony is killing me. This Air America was a CIA front during the Viet Nam era. So, the Left, which hates the CIA, took the name of a CIA front organization. I guess politics have strange bedfellows.