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Monday, March 01, 2004

Separation Between Church and State?

This from Fox News shows a continuing disregard for traditional values, especially by those on the "left" coast. I do not care if the Catholic Charities provides birth control to its employees or not. The fact that birth control goes against Catholic principles is the matter. The supreme court of California does not care about Catholic, or for that matter, Christian teachings. What is the deal in California? Is it too much sun?

By forcing the Catholic Charities to provide birth control, the choice for the charity is either not offer health coverage for its employees or disobey one of its central tenets. I realize that many Catholics ignore the contraception issue. The point is the State is becoming master and ruler over the people. A government of the people and by the people is gone. Why would the State care, if an employee has covered birth control? How is the employee harmed? If she (we must talking about a female because there are no approved male contraception drugs) wants covered contraception medicines, then she can work elsewhere. Employment is not a "right." No where in any constitution that I am aware of does it say that having a job is a right. Where is the righteous indignation?

Personally, I believe we will witness the State forcing companies to cover abortion before this generation is gone. What will faith based organization do? Either they hold fast to their teachings and by doing so drop health coverage or they cave in and allow abortion. This is a slippery slope these people have set us on.