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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Why John Kerry will not be President

This from the DrudgeReport should put Dems into a quandary. How can someone with a voting record more liberal than Ted Kennedy hope to be elected president? I realize that winning primaries means pandering to the base and talking out of both sides of one's mouth, but how can Kerry hope to win? The last truly liberal president we had was Jimmy Carter. See how well his presidency is regarded. True, Clinton would have liked to be liberal, but he knew the key to getting elected was to stay in the middle.

John Kerry has two things working for him: a sympathetic media and Bush hatred. I do not think either will see him through. Kerry has too many things against him: ultra-liberal voting record, no governing experience and being a senator. I will not say that Bush will win in a land slide, but I do not think "hanging chads" will be an issue.

Bush bashing will get one the nomination, but it will not get one the presidency. The majority of people respect George Bush. The polls are wrong. Neither Kerry nor Edwards are electable. The economy is not doing badly, the war on terror progresses and Bush did cut taxes. When the challenger talks of wanting to roll back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, he has no chance of getting elected because the wealthiest Americans are the only ones paying taxes. When the challenger makes statements about being an "internationalist" and has done little to change his position, he has no chance of getting elected.

Although I am no fan of George Bush as anyone can see from my earlier postings, I am less impressed with John Kerry. I will have to vote third party. That may be "throwing away my vote", but I can no longer vote for the "lesser of two evils."