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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More Personal Attacks

This article explains why more people of faith, especially Christian faith, do not speak out. When someone professes his/her faith, one is marginalized as a "wacko." Therefore, we should not take that person seriously. Here is the link to Rooney's comments. Is Mel Gibson a nutcase? I saw the Diane Sawyer interview. Gibson struck me as someone, who had bottomed out and reached for something to keep him alive. That something was God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Gibson's faith strengthened him and kept him. Andy Rooney may have never bottomed out, but millions of people do. With faith these millions of people are able to overcome anything.

At the end of his piece, Rooney did make a valid point. How much will Gibson make off of his movie? Firstly, making the Passion was a big gamble. No one wanted to finance it, distribute it and many will say it is inflammatory. Gibson spent tens of millions of dollars of his own money to make this movie. He has every right to make money off of this movie. It is not for us to judge his intentions. Secondly, Gibson has had to endure being called anti-semitic and a nutcase by people that have not seen the movie. How is that a fair assessment? If the movie is done well, then it will become a classic (see Ben Hur). If the movie is poorly done it will fade away (see Last Temptation of Christ).

Pat Robertson's prediction about the election may be true. Who is Andy Rooney to say whether or not God talked to Pat Robertson? Does God talk to Andy Rooney? Many see Pat Robertson as a bit of a fundamentalist (read nutcase). By lumping Gibson with Robertson, Rooney is saying Gibson is just as nutty as Robertson. Instead of arguing the movie's merits, we must endure personal attacks. This is a low way to approach a disagreement. Unfortunately, this seems to be the easiest and most popular.