Midnight Rantings

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Those Greedy Americans.

This article from WorldNet Daily shows former President Jimmy Carter at his best. He blames the world's problems on Americans. It seems we do not care about the world's problems. If we would just get out of the way and let the government do its job, then everything would be ok. After all, we are a bunch of selfish, uncaring ingrates.

Personally, I am getting a little tired of holier-than-thou's telling us how horrible we are. No other country has been as generous and forgiving as the United States. We have rebuilt countries, we have given food, and we have spent our blood and treasure to try to help others. Has any other country totally devastated another country and then spent billions to rebuild it? Have we not tried, in vain, to stop atrocities in other countries?

I think this is a classic case of guilt by someone financially successful. The Kerrys, Edwards, Hollywood types, etc. have made tons of money and now feel guilty. We should not feel guilty. We were not handed our success. We earned it. We fought for a concept: freedom. Without freedom, tyranny exists. The reason for other's suffering can be traced back to despotism. If someone is free to pursue his/her own selfish interests, society will benefit. I know that extremes exist. I know that bad people will do bad things. However, most people want to leave the world a little better than when they found it. Freedom allows us to produce wealth. Wealth allows our poor to be richer than the middle class elsewhere in the world.

Jimmy Carter was a horrible president. He is trying to change how history will judge him. He may have good intentions, but he will never understand the root causes of human suffering. The root cause is not another's greed. The root cause is loss of freedom. Sadly, too many people seem to agree him.