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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hindsight is 20/20

This article in the Egyptian Journal castigates Arabs for not taking out Saddam Hussein. As I read it, Americans and her allies added to Arab shame for taking Saddam out. The editor wonders why leaders of Arab countries did not do something about this man, who nearly destroyed one of the more Western Arab countries.

I wonder why too. Is the United States to be the world's policeman? Woodrow Wilson thought so and so has every other globalist. I am tired of spending our blood and treasure trying to keep "the world safe for democracy." Is that our role? Is that the role of the sole remaining superpower?

If Arab countries had been willing to clean up their backyard, we would not have had to do their dirty work. My take on the situation is that Saddam was useful. He thumbed his nose at the world and took our eyes off of the rest of the Middle East. He supported terror against Israel and that made him an ally of sorts. If the Arab world would have spent a little less time trying to wipe Israel off of the map and more time trying to make the world safe, Saddam would never have come to power.

Unfortunately, getting rid of Israel is a fool's errand. If anything the people of Israel are survivors. Not only have they resisted foes for millennia and survived but also remained a separate people with their own identity. No one is going to get rid of Israel. Trying to get rid of Israel is counter-productive. Unfortunately, too much has been put into wiping Israel off of the map.

Will the Arab world grow up and join the progress of the West? I think not for a long time. Too many of the countries are totalitarian regimes. Progress is allowing people to use their natural creativity to better their lot in life. The Arabs would rather point fingers and blame someone than take responsibility.