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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Interesting tidbit

This article by Ben Stein (the boring teacher in "Ferris Beuler") is quite an interesting read. It talks about heroism and how Hollywood folks are not. We place these people on pedestals, because we think our lives are so mundane and theirs so much more. When I look at them, I see unhappy, totured people. Maybe that is part of the creative process. I never understood why we look to them for guidance of any sort. The success of "reality TV shows" is remarkable. What is real about getting dumped off onto a deserted island and trying to survive? Escapism is all that it is.

Hollywood types are not heroes. What is brave about acting? Yes, you maybe unpacking your emotions for the world to see. What is that, when compared to policemen, firefighters, parents, etc.? These are the true heroes. Actors help us evade our reality, but that is not bravery.