Midnight Rantings

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Friday, February 13, 2004

Enemies Among Us

I have heard the rhetoric. Islam is a peaceful religion. It only wants to get along in the world. We have nothing to fear from muslems. I believe we are deluding ourselves. This article about the Army Specialist at Ft. Lewis shows how wrong we may be. I doubt the Army Specialist had enough sensitive information to be a threat. The point is how do we tell friend from foe?

I do believe that radicals have "hijacked" Islam. However, show me how Islam is a religion of peace. The reason Islam spread so rapidly is because of the sword. Given a choice of dying a gruesom death and "submitting" to Allah, most of us might choose the latter. I do not see examples of a Islamic Mother Theresa. I do not see Islamists exhorting us to be better than our nature. All I see from Islam is hatred of Jews and Death to the West.

Just like the Crusades, we are in a modern day Chrusade. The Crusades may have been dressed up as Christian versus Muslem. However, the Crusades were about politics and imperialism. Comparing today's conflict with the Crusades is very apt. Both are about politics. The bin Laden's on the Muslem side care only about power. By using the Islamic faith, they are able to obtain footsoldiers in their battles.

Unfortunately, Islamic voices are not naysaying bin Laden. Instead, he is elevated to the status of Saladin. Bin Laden is going to rescue the Middle East from the Great Satan. Saladin was a great man. We get most of our chivalric code from Saladin. Bin Laden is no Saladin. Saladin would not have attacked civilians. Bin Laden is evil.

Until Islamofascists are put down just like any other form of fascism, the threat of terrorism will not die.

What is Marriage?

The issue of gay marriage is becoming the "hot button" issue du jour. This will ad fuel to fire of debate. Homosexuals want to have the same rights and privilages as heterosexuals. Homosexuals want to be able to enter into a "contract" for life. Personally, I do not care. I think homosexual couples will have a higher rate of divorce than heterosexuals. Why? Because homosexuals cannot procreate without some major hurdle-jumping.

When children are involved in a marriage, people tend to work harder making the marriage work. Children are a binding example of marriage. Homosexual couples will not have that bind. They will marry, but most will not last. With heterosexual couples having upwards of 50% divorce rate, homosexual couples will be much higher. Anyone familiar with divorce knows how ugly things can get. Therefore, homosexuals do not know what they are in for.

Be that as it may, I cannot be against homosexual marriage. If two people want to live together for the rest of their days, then who am I to tell them "no?" An agreement, marriage, between two people over the age of 18 is none of my business. I do not think that allowing two people, who profess undying love for each other, to marry is any of my concern. By letting the government regulate this activity, we will be letting the government regulate the most intimate part of our lives.

However, homosexuals being married in a Christian church is wrong. There is no ambiguity about homosexuals in the Bible. A Christian marriage is a covenenant before God. Homosexuality is an abomination before God, as the Bible tells us. Therefore, a Christian marriage between two people of the same sex is an oxymoron. Although homosexuality does not "jive" with my faith, using the might and weight of the government to be against homosexual marriage is wrong.

As this debate continues, we will see alot mud and name calling. I believe our Founders did not want the government in our personal, private lives. We are not, nor should we be, a theocracy.