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Friday, February 06, 2004

Good versus Evil

The tragic case of Carlie Brucia illustrates evil in human form. For anyone, who does not know, Carlie is an eleven year-old girl abducted February 8th, and her body was found today. A suspect, Joseph Smith, is in custody. How anyone could do this is beyond anyone's rational mind. Does that mean the suspect is insane? In other words, did he know right from wrong?

Who cares? The perpetrator is evil by any definition. The criminal is not insane; misunderstood; deprived in childhood, etc. The apologists will say that Joseph Smith did not know what he was doing, or he had a dysfunctional family. So what? Joseph Smith had the freedom to choose right from wrong, good from evil. If he did the deed, then he is evil pure and simple. If he is innocent, then judging from his criminal background, he is still evil.

No one wants to talk about evil in this world. By talking about evil, one has to talk about good. By talking about good, one, eventually, has to talk about God. Those on the Left do not want to talk about God. To affirm the existence of God is do away with moral relativism. Good and evil are, in some ways, two sides of the same coin. Good cannot exist without evil. Therefore, it is easier to make excuses for evil by using terms like: insane, depressed, etc.

In my opinion the greatest gift (other than God's Grace) is freedom of choice. We can chose to live in God or outside of Him. By living outside of God, we lose perspective and quickly degenerate into evil. Without God we start to live according to what makes us feel good. Unfortunately, our desires do not always coincide with God's. Joseph Smith, if he did kill Carlie Brucia, gave into his desires and committed evil.

Do not misunderstand me: I do not want to live in a theocracy. We are the greatest country on earth, because we have freedom. Those on the Left and Right wish to take our freedom for various reasons. Our freedom did not come from them, so it is not theirs to take. God gave us freedom and therefore only he can take it. That is why legistlating morality fails. Although most of us live moral lives irregardless of laws, a certain percentage will not no matter the law. Passing a myriad of Byzantine laws does give me more protection. It did not save Carlie Brucia, and it will not stop the Joseph Smiths of the world.