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Monday, February 02, 2004

Enough Already!

It seems that we cannot watch the Super Bowl without being inundated with sex and drugs. Although I enjoyed the last half of the game, I got really tired of the commercials regarding drugs and sex.

I know that part of the War on Drugs is education about the evils of intoxicants. I, also, believe drugs are a scourge of our society and the cause of many of our ills. However, I do not believe anti-drug commercials work. The people wanting to put dangerous chemicals into their bodies will do so regardless of any government sponsored commercial. Could that money be better spent elsewhere?

In polite company, one should never talk about sex, politics and religion. I guess the Super Bowl is not polite company. Did anyone keep track of how many condom ads there were? How about anti-AIDS ads? Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)? I know the rate of STDs are on the rise, but do we have to learn about them during the Super Bowl? Like the anti-drug ads, STD ads will not change people's behavior. Also, the message is a little inconsistent, when you have Janet Jackson bearing herself during half-time.

The reason STDs and drug use is up is because young people think they are "bullet proof." Dangerous behavior is due to the mindset that "this won't happen to me." As the lucky ones get older, we realize that it could happen to me. Flashing condom ads and body parts during a supposedly family show only inflames and a large segment of the population. In the long run, the ads and the exposure will make us immune to the shock value. Networks will have to become more shocking to top the last act.