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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Pork it's not Just White Meat

Well, we are facing a record deficit this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In the 2004 fiscal year the CBO estimates that this country will have a $447 billion deficit. After adding in all of the wonderful pork and the wonderful new entitlement for the wealthiest segment of the population (prescription drugs for seniors), we are looking at $1.9 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

How many times have the Republicans said they stand for smaller federal government? How many times have we believed them? Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans care about the size of the government. There is no incentive for the two parties to shrink the size of the government. Ultimately, it is up to the voter. There are more than two choices for President on the ballot at election time. We only choose one evil over the other. It is much easier to watch silly TV shows, such as Fear Factor, Average Joe, etc. than try to educate ourselves on the platforms of the different political parties. Remember, there are more than two political parties. I realize we do not hear a lot about the other parties for many reasons. Mostly it can be boiled down to money.

Although campaign finance reform was supposed to limit the money going into an election, it really only accomplished a limitation of free speech. Does anyone really think campaign finance reform will work? Sitting Presidents probably spend about as much time trying to get money for their respective parties than running the government. Does anyone necessarily blame them? It takes a lot of money to run for office.

Third party candidates not only have less money but also do not get any media attention. I believe the media has an agenda. The media wants to reform the "unwashed masses" to their way of thinking. The media is not only liberal but also conservative. Who are they to decide that third parties are not worth their time? I think they are afraid a third party candidate might win. Ross Perot almost did. The status quo would be upset. Therefore, it is up to us, the voter, to become educated about our choices for elected office. Do the Democrats or Republicans care about the Constitution? No. It is time to vote the bums out.