Midnight Rantings

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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Someone in the Mainstream Media Gets It

I watched the John Stossel special last night. He is probably the only reporter on the big three that I would watch. He pretty much laid out what I, and alot of others, have been ranting about.

I think the majority in this country believe the lies he debunked. Stossel is not the first guy to say these things, but he his the first one on a major network. I wonder: does he feel like a lonely voice crying out in the wilderness?

Maybe There's Hope?

In today's world of politically correctness and doublespeak this little gem popped up. It seems a white African-American (they do exist) got in trouble for saying he is African-American. Granted this was probably a prank, but it begs the question: what is an African-American? An Egyptian could claim to be African-American, but an Egyptian is not black. Since it is not PC to say black, we have come up with African-American.

What a bunch of gobbledy-gook. If you believe evolution, then we are all African-Americans. All it is is a label. In this case, "separate but equal" applies. Did not Martin Luther King, Jr. dream of equality? Having an African-American prom, Mr. and Ms. African-American, etc in schools shows that Jim Crow is alive and well.

Although racism does exist in this country, I cannot believe it is at the level espoused by our media. Sure, prejudice exists. I think everyone would agree. Out and out racism? Only in extreme situations.

Maybe using race is way to divide and conquer.