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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Where are the Democrats?

After reading the State of the Union (SOTU) address, I got to hand it to President Bush: he has taken away the Democratic platforms. In a masterful stroke he has made the Democratic issues his, while keeping enough conservative issues to keep them on board. It is reminds me of Bill Clinton. The only way the Democrats can not sound like "me toos" is to become even further left. After reading some of the Democratic quotes, either I am totally out of touch with the country or the Democrats are.

Robert Wexler (D-Fla) said the SOTU was "used as a platform to push extremist policies." He also said, "The state of our union at home and abroad is weaker because of this president's arrogant and short-sighted domestic and international policies. America's global credibility is at an all-time low."
Yep, extremist from a conservative/libertarian point of view. More government spending should sound like music to a Democrat's ears. Should we wait for the world's approval before acting in our own interests?

Edward Markay (D-Mass) said, "The state of our union is significantly worse than it was when President Bush gave his first State of the Union address."
How? The economy is turning around. The war (it is a war, remember) in Iraq is going our way.

Tom Daschle (D-S. Dakota) said, "The credibility gap was exacerbated by statements about weapons of mass destruction last year."
Ok, I agree with that one. Never thought I'd say it.

John Kerry (Pres. Candidate) said, "Tonight, President Bush talked about how he wants to help people find jobs, but for three years he's stood by while we've lost more jobs than at any time since the Great Depression."
What was the population in the 1930's? What is it now? Dealing in percentages might better. Also, how many jobs have been created offsetting the loss? Lastly, how does a President create jobs? Last time I read the Constitution, the Congress made laws.

John Breaux (D-La) said, "He talked about a couple of things we all know are not going to happen, like making the tax cuts permanent."
Who makes the money we send to the government? I don't remember Uncle Sam making a dime. Some seem to believe the People owe the government and not the other way around.

I still believe this country is sliding down the wrong path. This country was not founded on government dependence. Am I the only one that sees that?

thanks to Fox News for the quotes.