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Friday, January 16, 2004

Which is The Lesser of Two Evils?

In today's political landscape, we have two choices: Socialism Lite (Republican) and Socialism Outright (Democrat). Both are cut from the same cloth. When in power, both try to do whatever is necessary to remain in power. With a Republican Congress and Republican President, spending has increased like a "drunken sailor". In the last four years, the US has spent more than, when a Democrat held office. The only reason President Clinton did not spend more was because of a Republican Congress.

When a government is divided by party lines, it will spend less. The Republicans were much maligned for shutting down the government in the 1990's, because they hated Bill Clinton. Some have made the case for voting for Howard Dean to keep that antagonism going. Howard Dean wants to repeal the federal tax cuts and increase federal spending. When has a country taxed and spent its way into prosperity? In order to decrease the ballooning of the federal government, we may have to vote for the opposite party, the lesser of two evils.

My problem with this line of reasoning is that we still vote for evil. How can I vote for Howard Dean, when his politics and mine are polar opposites? How can I vote for George Bush, who has not done anything even remotely fiscally conservative? I cannot. I will be throwing my vote away, I guess. I will vote for a third party. Who? I do not know. I look forward to researching the issue. It is possible that, after careful research, I will come back to these two choices. Americans used to research politician's positions and vote accordingly. We have become too lazy to do that today.