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Monday, January 12, 2004

Is Gay "Marriage" Needed?

The "in" thing is to be gay. It seems that every TV show has at least one gay character. Some shows have the main character as gay. Without getting into morality, I personally don't care. What someone does in his/her bedroom is his/her business. I think most people would agree. But do gay people need marriage? What is marriage?
To hear from gays, marriage will give them certain rights: health insurance from their partners' work, inheritence, property rights, etc. New Jersey just passed same-sex benefits (Philadelphia Inquirer ). Doesn't that make same-sex marriage moot? Not according to Steven Goldstein, who says, "There's still another step to go. We still want full marriage rights." Why? Isn't divorce nasty enough between heterosexuals? I thought homosexuals just wanted the benefits.
Marriage, in my opinion, should be between a man and a woman for the business of procreation. Period. I do not think a man and woman, who do not want kids, should get married. Hetero unmarried couples should have the same rights as gay couples. Ahh. As we see later in the article, another can of worms is opened. Some critics complained that the provision was unconstitutional because it would be discriminatory against younger heterosexual couples. "We'll take it to court," vowed John T. Tomicki, executive director of the League of American Families.. Let's let the courts decide. If we can't get the legistlation we want, then sue to have an unelected body decide. As I read the article, the bill has provisions for hetero couples, who want to cohabitate.
We'll see how things turn out. I think elected officials had better watch the language of any bill. Making marriage legal between same-sex couples will be a Pandora's box pitting Federal vs. state governments.