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Saturday, January 10, 2004

One Politician Gets It

Isn't it funny how everyone said Arnold Schwarzenegger was a RINO (Republican In Name Only)? When he was elected Governor of The People's Republic of California, people chuckled and shook their heads. This article from AFP: Schwarzenegger unveils California spending cuts in bid to stem financial black hole talks about Gov. Schwarzenegger making some tough choices. Politicians of this calibre are in short supply.
Pandering politicians are the reason California is in the shape it's in. Common sense dictates that increasing spending means having to increase revenue. Remember, a government does not create wealth. Therefore, where does this money come from? Taxes. President Bush would do well to learn from neophyte Governor Schwarzenegger. Increased spending coupled with tax cuts spells disaster.
People must wake up to the fact that more money on social programs 1)means less money in their pocket, 2)breads a class of people able to "play" the system, and 3)may not help people as some may think. This quote: Kim Reuben of the Public Policy Institute in San Francisco said the budget cuts could end up forcing local county and city governments to raise taxes to pay for social service programs still in demand but cut by the state budget.
"One person's fat is another person's vital programs," said Reuben.
would, at first glance, mean that everyone wants these programs. Is this true? Or could Mr. Reuben simply be misstating to prop up an agenda? Are the people of California really this way? I think the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger would indicate otherwise. I do think Californians are divided and exploited.
Maybe our President will learn from California. Could he veto one spending, pork-laden bill? He hasn't yet.