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Friday, January 09, 2004

How Relevant is the UN?

Since last year when President Bush "dissed" the UN, some have been calling for us to basically ask the UN for forgiveness. Why? What is the UN? In this post by good 'ol Walter Cronkite The UN and our Iraq dilemma, it seems to me that he wants us to be absolved by saying our mea culpas. My question still stands: Why?
As I see it, the UN was designed to be a way for nations to come together to air differences and therefore avert war. Off of the top of my head, I cannot think of one instance, where the UN did avert war. The last actual full scale war was the Korean War. It would seem we are still fighting it. UN peacekeeping operations only go so far. How interested are they in really keeping the peace? Remember Rwanda?
My question still stands. Does the UN have power to do anything? No. The UN is interested in maintaining peace at any cost. On the surface this may seem admirable, in reality peace at any cost will lead one to Auschwitz. Appeasing evil in the world, while technically saving you from war, will not protect people. One of the few actual tasks of the Federal government is to protect the people. The UN does not care one iota about the American citizenry.
The UN is not legitimate. When you have tinhorn dictators in charge of committees on human rights, how can you be taken seriously? A country that oppresses its people and profligates evil is equal to a democratic, free country? That to me is the same as saying evil=good. That is simply not true.
In this war on terrorism, I am a supporter of President Bush. This is a war not a criminal investigation. Terrorists want us to be destroyed. Utterly. While I may not agree on methods, I do believe this is us vs. them and good vs. evil.
Therefore, I think we should graciously get out of the UN. Sure it may be great at humanitarian projects, but our national sovereignty is more important. We can take care of ourselves. If we are looking to the UN for protection, we will be sorely disappointed.