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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Whence Conservatives?

In this interesting post: The criminal raid on Social Security, Michelle Malkin reveals another assault on the Social Security "lockbox." How can people, who never paid a dime to Social Security, receive any money from Social Security? This program is already in grave danger. Many people believe that once the baby boomer generation retires, the money for social security will run out. My generation (Gen X), which has been slandered as basically lazy and selfish, will be left with an empty bag. How can this pyramid scheme survive, when the contributions are outweighed by payments?
Well, one way is deny benefits to people until they are older. When it was first created, people got retirement benefits at age 65. This age will probably be increased beyond the 67 years,where I believe it is for my generation. All this will do is delay the inevitable. People will be living longer, so not only will my generation be retiring, but also my parents'.
Another way to keep the scheme going is deny benefits to those, who planned ahead and saved for retirement. Euphemisms about paying "your fair share" will be used. I mean these people do not need Social Security. Therefore, people, who worked hard and planned ahead, will be punished, again.
One way to keep the system afloat is to decrease benefits. Ask any politician how well that will play out. Although this may be fiscally responsible, said politician will serve one term. Social Security is not called the Third Rail for nothing.
Lastly, the whole thing could be scrapped and redone. Allowing people to place their money (remember the government does not create wealth) into some kind of investment account might keep the thing on life support.
Personally, I want it to fail. This country responds well to a crisis. By failing, Social Security might be saved, but I doubt in its present form. Is that so bad? Thanks FDR for all of your help.