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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Things are Getting Interesting for the Dems

It seems that out of nowhere John Kerry made a huge up surge. Poor Howard Dean came in fourth. How did this happen? We have been told that Dean was the man. His populist agenda resonated with Democrats, who felt betrayed by their party. He was the man angry enough to face down President Bush. Here was a man that, at last, was not afraid to speak his mind. How did Howard Dean lose?

People do not like angry people. The voters are not going to pick someone, who is negative and in their face. Sure, a small minority will support Howard Dean. However, most will not. If all that is offered is revenge for the "stolen" election of 2000, then the Democrats do not have a chance. Everyone, except Dean, knows it. Although my politics are opposite of most Democrats, Democrats are not stupid. There is no way in the world Howard Dean will beat George Bush.

Although Iowa's caucus means nothing, it makes for interesting punditry. The upcoming primaries are where it matters. Of all the Democrats running, John Kerry and John Edwards are the ones to beat. Howard Dean is a jerk. Poor Gephardt is giving it up (I would not vote for anyone with his absences), Lieberman, although I like his politics, is horrible to listen to, and Wesley Clark will be painted as someone smarter than everyone else and a martinette.

The silly season is not Christmas, but the primaries. I am still hoping and praying for a third option.


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