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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Apparently Pres. Bush is a Nazi

This interesting website Take Back America is apparently saying the Bush family are Nazis. By definition this is laughable. What is a Nazi? They were basically socialists. Nazis and Communists are cut from the same cloth. Both believed worship of the state was paramount. Both believed the state knew better than the individual what was best. Both wanted to replace the religion for worship of the State. Both were about a cult of personality. Both are responsible for the death of millions.
The Bush family may have done business with Nazi Germany. However, many other corporations did too. Remember, prior to 1940, many in this country believed Adolph Hitler was great man for what he did for Germany. Since many people believed Hitler was doing great things, it stands to reason that corporations would do business with Nazi Germany. Were these corporations Nazis? Or at least sympathizers. I don't know. In that time this country was trying to get out of the Great Depression. The possibility exists for corporations to have done business with Nazi Germany. I think it is unlikely that US corporations did business with the enemy (i.e.. after 1941). That would be treason.
Moveon.org is obviously a front organization, because no serious Democrat would sign onto this filth. If Bush is evil for the sins of his grandfather, what about Robert "KKK" Byrd (Democrat from W.Va)? The Democrats seemed to be able to forgive his faults. What we are seeing is a fringe group that is becoming a shrill anti-Bush voice. If this is the voice of the Democratic Party, then the next few election cycles may witness even more division. So far, have we heard any indignation from "mainstream" Democrats? It sounds very similar to the Republicans during Pres. Clinton's term, who focused on the wrong issues and focused on sex. If this is the best the left can do, then the Republicans have nothing to worry about for years to come.

UPDATE Now Dean is a Nazi (HOWARD THE COWARD, thanks Brendan Nyhan) ? We have no hope of escaping our Nazification. Seriously, when does it all stop? Slandering politicians as Nazis diminishes what the Nazis did. Neither Bush nor Dean are Nazis. Dean may be a socialist (which is like a communist, only nicer), but he is not Nazi.


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